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Nursery Teacher Training

The NTT is a one / Two year course. Those who have passed the matriculation or equivalent examination may seek for admission in it. There will be five theoretical papers and five functional examinations. They are as follows :


Note – It is essential to have practical training in a pre-primary school for at least three months. This programme is prepared by the latest educational system to teach the children between 3-6 years of age.

Syllabus of Nursery Teacher Training

Subject Code Subject Name Marks
NTT101 Child Psychology-I 50
NTT102 Child Care Health-I 50
NTT103 Principles of Education-I 50
NTT104 School Organization-I 50
NTT105 Educational Psychology-I 50
Subject Code Subject Name Marks
NTT201 Child Psychology-II 50
NTT202 Child Care Health-II 50
NTT203 Principles of Education-II 50
NTT204 School Organization-II 50
NTT205 Educational Psychology-II 50

The work

As an early years teacher(Nursery Teacher) you would work with children from two to five years old. You could be teaching in a nursery, children’s centre or reception class in a primary school.

You would work to standards set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, and Key Stage 1 for children age five and over.

Your duties would include:

supporting the children’s development and learning through play

building up their language, literacy and numeracy skills

helping them achieve the learning goals of the EYFS

encouraging co-operation and good behaviour

making sure the children are safe at all times.

As well as working with the children, you would:

plan and prepare activities and materials

set out activities before classes and tidy up afterwards

speak to parents and/or carers about their children’s development

monitor children’s progress, and identify and deal with any issues

attend meetings and training courses

work closely with other professionals such as social workers on child protection issues.

You would also work with and supervise nursery workers (also known as early years educators), teaching assistants and volunteer helpers.

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