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Computer Teacher Training

Program Coursework Courses leading to certification in teaching computer science give students an overview of the field. In addition to computer science classes, students take education classes like teaching methods and educational psychology. Computer science courses include:
Object design
Software development (often C++)
Discrete structures
Computation models
Computer organization


1st Paper – Fundamentals of Computer and office Automation
4th Paper – Programming in C, C++
2nd Paper – Internet Programming and web designing
5th Paper – Communication Skills in English
3rd Paper – Principles of Teaching Technology
Practical – (1)Subject
(2) Viva-Voce
(3) Micro teaching Trainings

Job Description
Computer science teachers are responsible for instructing computer science to students at both high school and college levels. They guide and assist students in their entire learning experience, including welcoming them to the class, creating a curriculum and presenting all class information. Computer science teachers specifically teach their students about computer science, which is the study of how computer process and store information. They teach students to write computer programs, algorithms and even programming languages; computer systems design is also covered.

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